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Hi there!

Welcome to Wildflower Digitals (formerly Dazzling Digitals, until May 2021). This is where I’m supposed to dazzle (haha) you with my brilliance and importance. I’d rather just say howdy and make you feel at home. But I suppose rules are rules (rule-breaking is so much more fun though!).

I was born a long time ago, far far away. Well, that last part’s not really true; I currently live about 350 miles from where I was born but only about 40 miles from where I grew up from the age of 5. I’m a proud Texan born and bred!

I’ve been working for myself since 2016 and have 3 businesses now; this is my latest venture. I’m also a virtual assistant, was a paralegal for about 25 years before that, and had various office jobs before that, blah blah blah. Yeah, BORing. But all that stuff gives me a lot of experience to pass along in my journals, planners, puzzles and other products 🙂

My goal is to provide you with journals and planners and worksheets and printable pages and oh, all kinds of things – things you can use, things you need, things that will make your life easier and help you get organized, and even things that just let you slow down and have some fun for a little while.

And sometimes…just sometimes…maybe I can make you laugh or cheer you up a little along the way, too.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay. And remember – life is short, so do something fun.

Hey there and welcome! I’m Stephanie.

Journals, Planners, and More - Something for Everyone!

Wildflower Digitals, your online store for printable and digital products of all kinds.


We have journals of all types - daily gratitude, line a day, devotional, prayer, and more.


Planners are popular, and we have daily, weekly, and monthly versions.

Puzzle books

Who doesn't love puzzles? You'll find word searches, sudoku, and others.

Coloring books

Coloring is fun for young and not-so-young! Coloring books and pages abound.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Hansen

Owner, Head Honcho, Creative Chief


Elder Girl, Faithful Desk Companion, Lover of Naps and Catnip Bananas


Youngest Boy, Biter of Toes, VP of Snoopervising

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All products are provided in an electronic format for download – nothing is shipped, so no waiting on mail delivery!

Payment is made direct via Paypal, we don’t retain any financial information.

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