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Spring Time

Spring’s not quite sprung…but almost

Hey hey! Happy Tuesday! I know it’s not technically Spring just yet, but it’s starting to feel like it here in Texas. And yes, I realize I jinxed it by saying that and we’ll likely be getting a late winter storm shortly to rival last month’s Snowmageddon…lol. Ah well.

I had a crazy time last week before I went to get my first Covid vaccine shot. I’ve had car battery problems for months, in large part because I so rarely drive anywhere these days. I’ve been nursing it along with one of those portable emergency jumpstart thingies (that’s a technical term!) but when I went out that morning to give it an early start in advance of the afternoon appointment, the battery was deader than a doornail. Bury that sucker, she ain’t a’startin’.

So I posted in a local FB group to see if anyone knew of an auto place that made house calls. Got a suggestion or two but more helpfully — got a call from the guy who replaced my roof back in January, and he took time out of his morning to go and get a battery and come replace it for me. :)️ Such a nice thing for him to do — I love small town helpfulness! So I was able to go get the shot without any further problem, and didn’t have any side effects from it either. Shot 2 is scheduled at the end of the month. Yay!

A lot going on in the low content world as usual, here are a few things you may be interested in…

1. The Homepreneur’s Adventure Virtual Summit is coming next week! An awesome mastermind which I’m a part of is putting on a Virtual Summit for Homepreneurs next week from Tues-Fri, and we have a terrific lineup of speakers and round tables that you’re going to love — all for free.

But to kick it off this week, we have the Ultimate Virtual Swag Bag, packed with 40+ products valued at over $1,000 — also all for free! There’s guides and kits and planners and stickers and covers and checklists and worksheets and journals and templates and alllllll sorts of things that you can put to use. Register to get the Swag Bag, and you’ll also be registered for the Virtual Summit at the same time. Or maybe it’s the other way around. 😉

Check it out here, and don’t forget to add the Virtual Summit to your calendar!


2. Di at PLR Planners has an awesome new course out, Digital Paper Alchemy, that you may have heard of already. In it, she teaches how to make your own digital papers and resources that you can use in your products and also can sell on your site or Etsy. It’s a little pricier than things I normally tell you about, but if you consider how much money you could save on buying papers yourself and money you can make if you start selling them, it’s a terrific opportunity.

Check it out here for $100 off through Friday, March 12.


3. Kristie and Becky have collaborated on a new Pinterest training, Pinning the Future. This is 2 condensed hours of actionable Pinterest advice, including pinning stratgies, how to make money from Pinterest without a blog, how to create a high-converting pin, using Canva to create pins, and more.

Check it out here for just $37 for a limited time.


4. Ruthie and Jenn at UsePLR have new content available in their All Access Training Club. There are 3 options for the club: for a Challenge only as a one-time purchase on a delayed basis; an Ebook/Workbook only (same); or the best value, the All Access monthly membership with both of those (not delayed) plus 2 live training calls each month.

The topics for March are: Challenge – Turning PLR into Blog and Social Media Content; Guide/Worksheets – Attention Getting Ways to Put Your PLR to Work; and Live Masterclass – PLR Organization Strategies with Jenn and Ruthie.

Check out your options here.


5. Jan at Simple Happiness has launched her PLR store, yay! Jan is one of my friends in our Kitchen Sink mastermind (the folks bringing you the Virtual Summit I mentioned above), and I’m so happy for her that her store is launched.

Even better, to celebrate she’s offering a freebie to her friends and friends’ friends — that means you too! 🙂 Get her gorgeous 30 Day Gratitude Journal absolutely free, with code HAPPINESS.


6. Ruthie at Ritchie Media is having a flash sale on her Just Beachie Coloring Kit for a few days. It’s so cute, makes me wish I was at the beach right now! The kit comes with square images and line art images for coloring.

Get it here and use code FRIDAY30 to save 30%, through tomorrow, Wednsday, March 10.


7. ENDS TODAY – Lynette at Thrive Anywhere has a new Personal Finance Trackers set that includes 17 personal finance tracking pages. You also get social media posts and images to use if you’re going to edit the tracker to sell yourself.

Check it out here and use code FINANCE for 50% through the end of today, March 9.


8. ENDS TODAY – Alice at EKit Hub has a great resource available with the Homeschool Printables EKit, 90 pieces of materials including poster graphics, worksheets, journal pages, and more.

Check it out here through the end of today, March 9.

Alrighty, that’s all I have for you today. Next week’s probably going to be taken up a lot with the Virtual Summit, doing background things (I’m not a speaker/participant, too shy to be on camera for that 😉 ) or just taking in all the knowledge being shared, so need to get a bunch of real world work done this week in advance. I hope you’ll be able to join us for at least some of the Summit, it’ll be awesome.

Have a spectacular day!

Thanks again for being here, I appreciate you. And remember – life is short, so do something fun!