Wildflower Digitals

Refund Policy


Because these are digital products, there are NO refunds. This also applies to purchases which are transacted through any other platform for products sold by or on behalf of Wildflower Digitals (such as ThriveCart or Etsy).

Coupon Use

You are responsible for making sure any valid coupon has been applied before completing your transaction. Sometimes the aMember system may redirect to the PayPal site automatically if you click “checkout” rather than “view basket/cart”, without giving you the opportunity to add a coupon. If that happens, just click back or return on your browser to return to the site without checking out on PayPal. Failure to properly apply a coupon, or finding/remembering a coupon after the fact, will not be grounds for a full or partial refund.

Other Issues

Occasionally there may be other issues that happen. Please contact us as soon as possible with any of the following problems:

  • you don’t receive access to the product
  • you have problems downloading or unzipping the product
  • you encounter a major error or defect with the product (although everything is thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur…stuff happens!)

Please allow a day or two for getting back to you, but responses generally are rather quick especially during standard US daytime weekday hours.




Wildflower Digitals