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April Fool's Day

It’s April already – no foolin’!

Oh hey! Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a terrific week. Can you believe it’s April already? New month, new calendar quarter…2021 is speeding on by.

So, obviously, it’s April Fool’s Day today, which is something known and “celebrated” (for lack of a better word, lol) in many countries around the world. I didn’t really even realize how common — or old — it is until I was looking up some history. Wikipedia (yeah yeah, I know it doesn’t necessarily get everything right, but it’s usually fairly reliable) has a good round-up.

It can be traced back at least hundreds of years, and there’s even a (disputed) belief that perhaps there are biblical associations tying fools’ errands as being something to perpetuate the memory from when Noah sent out the dove from the ark to check for dry land before the flood waters had even abated…not sure I buy that, but it’s a good story. 😉

Anyway, no practical jokes, hoaxes, or pranks here, just lots of good information! Let’s see what kind of deals are going on out there that could be helpful to you and you might be interested in…

1. April at Dragonfly Design Lab has a new Canva Design Template Kit: Blue & Gold Sparkles out today, which consists of a 27-page Lead Magnet Template and 20 Promotional Canva Marketing Templates (social media and blog graphics). This is a nice looking kit, not overly fussy but well designed.

April also runs Niche Starter Packs, so she knows what she’s doing when putting these Kits together.

Check it out here, and get $10 off (no coupon required) through Wednesday, April 7.


2. Alice at EKit Hub has a new collection today, the Positive Affirmations EKit. This comes with poster graphics, a gratitude affirmations journal, a positive change affirmations journal, and two separate quote decks to go with the journals, for just $9.95.

You can use the items from this EKit for so many things, such as new journals, individual journal page printables, printable card decks, social media posts, blog posts, and more.

Get all the info here, before this offer goes away on Tuesday, April 6.


3. Shawn at Quick & Easy Creative Content has improved and extended the offer you may have already seen for her new Colors Gone Wild course. She originally made it using Photoshop but got a lot of requests for using it with Affinity Designer, and rather than just force that into the Photoshop course, she’s done a completely separate training.

You can get either one for the current sale price of $97 each, or if you like using both platforms, get both trainings for $147. If you already bought the Photoshop version, you can get the Affinity version for $50.

These sale prices end on Wednesday, April 7 at 10am Pacific.

I’ve been through the Photoshop version, and as a nearly 100% beginner on that platform — I could do maybe 2 very specific, highly targeted things before this — I was able to easily follow Shawn’s training as she’s very detailed about showing you what she’s doing and clicking on, not just telling you.

So don’t let an aversion to, or unfamiliarity with, Photoshop keep you from this course if you want to learn how to work with coloring and re-coloring design elements and things like that. It’s a great way to learn some specific skills (not to mention new income streams!) without getting overwhelmed.

Find out more here, no coupon is needed to get the sale prices, and remember the offers end on Wednesday, April 7 at 10am Pacific.

[Full disclosure: we share a last name but we’re not related; we have however adopted each other as honorary cousins since we have a lot in common besides the name… 🙂 ]


4. Gabby at A Cup of Zen has released a 21 Creative Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination Journal, which includes journal prompts, journal covers and templates in both Canva and Powerpoint, social media prompts, and watercolor graphics.

Check it out here, and get $10 off with code creative through Sunday, April 4.


5. Catherine at Content Accelerators has new Work Life Planner Printable Templates, which come in 3 different designs that you can buy separately or all together in one set. These come in Affinity Publisher format for editing, but also include JPG and PNG images you can import into another design program.

Find out more here, and save $10 with code WORKTOLIVE through Sunday, April 4.


6. ENDS TOMORROW – Fran at Happy Journals PLR Club has a Vision Board Journal PLR Bundle that has so much included. You get everything in three sizes, color and grayscale, and it comes with a 136-page vision journal, a workbook, printables, checklists, vision board kits (quote cards, photo cards, and more), covers, and more things.

See it all here, and get $20 off with code VISION20 through tomorrow, Friday, April 2.

Alrighty, that’s all I have for you today. Off to get some work done this morning and then I have a couple of Zoom calls later.

SURPRISE! I do have one little bitty prank for you! 😉 If you read this far, yay, you get an unexpected freebie! Enjoy these digital papers, which I made using the coloring techniques I learned in Shawn’s Colors Gone Wild course mentioned above. Some of the differences are very subtle. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you celebrate Good Friday and Easter, or have been celebrating Passover, I hope your weekend is peaceful and full of joy.

Have a spectacular day! And thanks again for being here, I appreciate you. Remember – life is short, so do something fun!