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Season To Be Freezin

Freezing last week, tropical this week

Oh hai! Happy Tuesday! So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I dropped in to your inbox. Last week was cuh-raaaaaazy. You may not know, I’m in Texas so yeah, the Great Winter Freezeout was a big hit around here. <where’s that eye roll emoji??> I was super lucky, I never totally lost power or water, but did have several days of rolling power outages so it was impossible to be on the computer or get any work done.

And to top it all off, at the same time I also came down with a wicked cold — not Covid, thank goodness — so I felt lousy while dealing with everything else. So it was a case of, “yay, the power/water isn’t worse when I feel like crap”, and “yay, I don’t have a deadly life-threatening disease when the power issues are also potentially life-threatening and it’s really freakin’ cold.” And also “yay, at least I feel lousy and the power is wonky at the same time, so I’m missing work for both at one time instead of separately.” Looking at the positive side there…

I know it gets a lot colder, with worse snow, in other parts of the country and the world, but y’know, we’re just not used to that here. We don’t like winter. We don’t really like hot hot summer either, lol, but at least we’re used to that. Two straight weeks of sub-freezing temps is so not our thing. And then this week, we’re in the 60s and 70s, it may even get to 80 today. Weather is wonky!!

So anyway, parts of the state are still having water problems due to busted pipes either at home or at processing plants, and there are food shortages because of delivery and whatever other issues have arisen. If you’re affected by that, or had other problems in Texas or anywhere else that weather has affected, I hope everything is sorted for you soon.

Beyond that, and not to make light of it, there are as always many great deals from the low content providers. I missed several last week while I was locked in the frozen tundra, but here are a few you may be interested in now…

1. Alice at Publish for Prosperity has her Tapping into Your Inner Creativity Planner Pack available for the original launch price of just $9.95. Get a free related Articles Pack here or the full Planner Pack here, before this relaunch offer goes away Thursday, February 25.


2. April at Niche Starter Packs has a new Quick Cash bundle, which has a report, several articles, social media images and more, on different ways to make money quickly. Use code QUICK to get it for only $10 (save $17).


3. Justin at Tools for Motivation has a new pack of 100 Self Help Videos (Volume 2) which can be used in so many ways. The bundle includes video files, audio files, slides, and transcripts, so you can repurpose across your blog, your social media channels, your podcast, your YouTube channel, etc. Get them at a great price through Friday, February 26.


4. D’vorah at Share Your Brilliance has another of her fabulous Digital Planner Cover Kits available, Kit #10 – The Diamond Dot Collection. These covers, clasps, and buttons in shades of orange, yellow and pink are just what you need to brighten up a gloomy winter day. Use code COVERKIT20 to save 20% through Tuesday, March 2.

Alrighty, that’s all I have for you today. I’m still getting dug out from under all the email and other stuff from being out of pocket last week, it seems to take twice as long to catch up these days. 😉

Have a spectacular day!

Thanks again for being here, I appreciate you. And remember – life is short, so do something fun!