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Unique System to Accelerate Your Product Creation
Exclusive Done For You Mix and Match Designs

Do you find yourself looking for interior design templates for your journals, planners, and other projects that are different from the usual ho-hum styles?

Could you use new digital papers to help make covers, backgrounds, and pages for workbooks and calendars?

What about coordinating design elements, such as shapes or brush strokes or alphabets, that you can use for any of your products?

Well, now you can get a unique done-for-you kit that includes a stationery kit, digital papers, and design elements every month, for just $10 a month!

These designs and styles are building blocks in a streamlined system for making products.

And with all the things you have to do in your business, anything that saves you time and speeds up your content creation is a win.

Each month, you’ll get the following:

  • a pack of 50 mixed stationery pages (which includes 1 background/cover page, 25 Basic Stationery style pages, and 24 Border Stationery style pages)
  • 12 to 24 distinctive digital papers
  • 100+ coordinating elements such as frames, dividers, alphabets, shapes, etc. (will vary monthly)

The border style used in the Border Stationery each month will be different, providing even more variety for your product designs.

Join today for the
low price of

Just $10 per month!

Choose the annual plan and get 2 months free — just $100!

And while this membership is at this incredibly low price, similar individual kits sell for $17-37 each in my store! This is a terrific strategy for simplifying your design process at a rock bottom price!

The designs included in the Design Elements Club membership will be exclusive to members for at least two months before being offered to the public, giving you a head start on profiting from these special elements.

The Design Elements come complete with commercial use rights so you can use them to make:

  • journals
  • planners
  • workbooks
  • calendars
  • background pages
  • puzzles
  • and other projects

Mix and match for endless design ideas! These done-for-you design styles will enhance any of your creations simply and easily and make them stand out from the crowd, giving you multiple opportunities to benefit.

The digital papers come in 12″ x 12″ size and PNG format; the stationery pages come in 8.5″ x 11″ size and JPG format; while the design elements are sized appropriately and may be PNG or JPG format. All files are 300 dpi, suitable for both digital and print designs.

The Design Elements in the membership also work great to mix and match with the Basic Stationery Kits, the Border Stationery Kits, the Divider Kits, and the Frame Kits. However, these Design Elements do not specifically correspond to or coordinate with the design/pattern elements in those numbered kits.

Join today for the low price of

Just $10 per month!

Choose the annual plan and get 2 months free — just $100! 

Here’s just some of the things you can do with these design kits:

Kits come with a commercial use rights license so you can make and sell unlimited products.

Begin expediting your content creation today with these Design Elements

Just $10 per month!

Choose the annual plan and get 2 months free — just $100! 

Save up to 90% off what similar kits sell for, and receive at least a two-month advantage on selling these unique designs! 

DEC price table


Due to technical limitations between the shopping cart and the membership platform, I have to add you manually. That will be done within 24-48 hours (almost always more quickly), and then you’ll receive login access once that’s done. If for whatever reason you don’t receive an email with login info within that time period, please contact me and we’ll sort it out!

The membership is hosted via ThriveCart Learn, and all files will be downloadable from there.

You CAN:

  • create products for your own use
  • create products to sell
  • add to and/or edit the content to create your own customized templates to sell via (for example) Etsy, Shopify, or your own website


  • reuse, sell, or give away the files in any manner as is
  • pass along the commercial use rights to your customers

There’s more licensing information available in the Administrative Stuff module of the membership.

While the design elements may have the same core content, the cool thing about commercial rights is that you can modify and customize the products to make them unique and specific to your brand and audience. You can add your own spin, expertise, and personalization to the templates, by turning them into complete products, modifying the content, adding new sections, including your own branding elements, or tailoring the products to suit a specific niche or audience.

Mayyyyyyybe. 😋 I change the designs out on this page occasionally, to keep it fresh and interesting. The kits shown may be this month’s…or a previous month’s…or a sneak peak at a future month’s…or just a set I really liked but that may not ever be included in the membership.

If you see a design on here that you really like and don’t see it in the membership, feel free to reach out and ask if it’s available separately! 

For monthly members, each month’s designs will only be available for 2 months, and will then be removed, so you’ll need to download them before removal. You can use them forever once downloaded.

For annual members, you’ll get access to the Club Vault with every month’s designs — even any added before you became a member! — for as long as you remain a member, and can download at your leisure and use any time.

No, existing members will not be affected by any future price increases. You will continue to pay the same price you signed up for as long as you remain a continuous member, enjoying the benefits of the membership at that rate.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, and there’s information in the “Administrative Stuff” module of the membership on how to do so. However, please remember that if you cancel and later decide to rejoin, you will do so at the current membership price.

You can keep using the designs you’ve downloaded, even after cancelling.

You bet! There’s an “Administrative Stuff” module in the membership which includes contact information, a link to the license, and more.

Sorry, but since this is a digital product (and because you get instant access to the designs), there are no refunds. Please read the page carefully before purchasing, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions to

This is a digital product, no physical items will be sent.

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